All of our packaging materials are made from recycled material and is separated. 

We use bamboo trays, have glass bottles with exchange action and work with recycled paper. 

We frequently use half young green coconuts as soup bowls and noodle bowls.

All our products are, where possible, organic, sustainable and come from the region.  



We strive for sustainability and are very environmentally conscious. 

We also use green energy, solar panels on the roof of the trucks are confirmed. 

From the vegetable garden of Foundation Groen & Doen we get, for example,

our spinach and the green residues be composted on Boerderij Hartstocht.

All this makes us a leader in the industry. 





We like to think along with you to make your event a success. 

For more information or advice please contact the Aloha Team. 

please contact us for truck events

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THE ALOHA JUICE TRUCK COMPANY has found its roots many years ago and has been expanding rapidly. Starting off with FOUR authentic vintage Dutch juice trucks catering to Amsterdam City, Parks, large events and its surroundings, Aloha is now a nationwide respected Aloha Juice Truck Company and Aloha Juice Company; specialized in cold pressed juices & smoothies. 


Aloha Juice Truck Company was founded by owner Marcel Suijkerbuijk in 2012. Marcel Suijkerbuijk has juiced around the globe and visited many various markets in different countries experimenting with local fruits, vegetables and superfoods during his extensive travels on board yachts.


Our Aloha Cold Pressed Juices & Smoothies are raw, fresh, where possible organic and made of high quality fruits and vegetables. The recipes are designed and created by Aloha crew and by our repeating customers visiting the trucks. 


Aloha Juice Truck Company is using a unique way of conserving our fresh cold pressed juices & smoothies by PASCALISATION method! This conserving method will not change or add the ingredients structure and uses high pressure to de-active the enzymes without damaging the ingredients, extending shell life to 2 or 3 weeks. When opening the cap oxygen will activate the enzymes again and provide you all with a fresh cold pressed juices, keeping all the quality nutrition for you!


No added sugars, no additives or GMO’s! All natural healthy green raw juices & smoothies!


Recently we have expanded to triple AAA locations in the Netherlands such as University TU Delft, Nyenrode University, schools and gym centres etc.