Aloha Catering

Party? Aloha would like to do the catering!

We offer a wide range of juices, smoothies, cocktails and super snacks.


With our catering experience we know exactly how to make a party a success. With our old fire trucks converted into food trucks we also provide fun decoration for your party.  


Since we only work with fresh products you can choose from different packages. 

Want to know more about the possibilities? Mail to or click here.

We will contact you as soon as possible. 



Package 1

✦ Bottled smoothies

✦ Daily specials in consultation with you!

✦ Supersnack

Package 2

✦ Bottled smoothies

✦ Daily specials in consultation with you!

 Aloha’s cocktail bar 

✦ Supersnack

Package 3

Full custom made catering